Friday, 17 June 2011

Give Her Up To The Gods

For this year's Solstice Closing Party in Cork, Come As Soon As You Hear have teamed up with the festival organisers to present Human Sacrifice, an evening of DJs, dancing and virgin bloodshed at Murphy's Midsummer Nights at The Spiegeltent from 10pm this Sunday, June 19th. You're cordially invited to come play your part in the ceremony that will see a pretty young virgin pay the ultimate price as part of a gesture of gratitude to The Gods for a bountiful harvest. Tickets are €10 and available here.

And The Winner Is...

Crushing the competition in the loveliest of ways, the worthy winner of Miss Come As Soon As You Hear 2011 was Lola White.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Come As Soon As You Hear are very excited to announce our involvement in Solstice, a brand new initiative being run as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival this month.

The mini festival, organised by four young arts enthusiasts, will run from the 16th to the 19th of June and will showcase work by over 150 emerging artists in the fiels of music, dance, theatre and visual art descend. Transforming the Old FAS Building in the heart of Cork city into a pop-up venue, Solstice will include over 30 performances and will run from 10am to 10pm each day.

We will be debuting a new show, Spurt, devised by Karl Watson and Dan Colley, as well as helping to liven up the festival's top secret closing party with something we've been working on for a few weeks. Check out the full programme here.

Solstice is an exciting new venture and, if you fancy doing your bit to help with proceedings, you can donate to their current Fund It campaign here.

Solstice from Solstice on Vimeo.

I Personally Believe

She was lovely and fair as the rose of the summer,
Yet 'twas not her beauty alone that drew me near.
Oh no, 'twas the truth in her eyes ever dawning
That made me love Mary, Miss Come As Soon As You Hear.

We're throwing our last Come As Soon As You Hear party for the foreseeable future but, before we dismantle the clotheslines, we'd like to pass on our crown and sceptre to a beautiful torchbearer. You.

Miss Come As Soon As You Hear 2011 will see Lovely Girls and Lovelorn Boys compete over four rounds, compered by Mr Conor Behan:

Draw With Con(or)
Bin Bag Modelling
Special Talent
Paparazzi Hula Hoop Finale

Following the coronation, we'll keep the glamour coming with music and mayhem. Pop your details in here for cheaplist.

If you're interested in taking part, e-mail with your name and a description of your special talent.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Greetings citizens of Ireland,

It's me, Queen Elizabeth. As you may have heard, I will soon be gracing you with my presence. First stop on my itinerary is an appearance at the Twisted Pepper on Saturday, 14th of May, and your presence is requested.

I will be laying down some badass beats on the decks, along with Duke Michael Hennessy of Tiddleshire and some lesser nobles from Come As Soon As You Hear. Also scheduled are:

Pin The Tail On The Middleton
Free Knightings
Gurning Contest (curated by Grace van Cutsem)
Arm-Wrestle The Queen And Win A Beer
& A Royal Wedding To Remember

Dress code: Crowns, gowns and sceptres. Free in before midnight if you put your name on this here guestlist:

Sunday, 8 May 2011



You meet someone, you fall in love and then suddenly it all ends in a horrible explosion. You vow never to love again. But, inevitably, you do. Love is a cycle.

With music, video, wine and cake, the audience actively participate in six young characters’ relationship experiences. It doesn’t work out in real life like it does in the movies.

Come As Soon As You Hear bring you a play for anyone who is in love, or has been, or will be one day. For boys and girls who love
boys and girls.

“Watson’s chipper tone and loose form carries an easy charm that’s hard not to warm to.” - Irish Theatre Magazine.

Tickets & Maps & things like that:

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Say Hello To Mr Pointy

Bad news, y'all.

A gaping Hellmouth has opened under Abbey Street and, rumour has it, foul and fearsome creatures of the night are set to descend on Twisted Pepper on Saturday, March 26th from 11pm.

Come As Soon As You Hear invites you to wreak bloody havoc as we pay tribute to the residents of Sunnydale, dead and undead.

Rocking the foundations of The Bronze will be CASAYH DJs, Andy 'The Master' Bannister and a couple more TBC.

We encourage you to embrace the pseudo-gothic fashion sensibilities of Sunnydale High's Class of '99. Stakes: optional.

Fill your details in here to get free in before midnight/€5 after.

Poster by Jacqui Ferns.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

This Saturday 29th of January at The Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street, CASAYH presents a tribute to trashy, troubled Hollywood youth and washed-up Disney Stars.

Salvia bongs
Poking of vehicles with umbrellas
Painkiller popping
Weighing scales
Chihuahua kidnappings
Rehabilitation centre
And hopefully lots of sideboob

DJ Sets by Alexander Murphy, Meadhbh McGrath, Kevin Aiken and CASAYH DJs. Click 'attend' here to get on the cheaplist (free before midnight, €5 after). If you're bringing mates, post their names here.

Come As Soon As You Hear

Sally Fletcher: No Relation

Someone has been brutally murdered at The Bernard Shaw but fret not. Jess Fletch is on the case. She'll be dusting off pint glasses and frisking potential culprits this Thursday, 27th of January, from 8pm.

Niall Morahan (Electric Relaxation) and CASAYH DJs will be serving up a murderous mix on the decks, there'll be a screening of Jessica's last Irish adventure, Murder She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle, games of 'Guess Who?' and hopefully not much more bloodshed.

Free admission. Come As Soon As You Hear.

10 x 10 Drinks Specials
All the following drinks for €10, 7 days a week

2 Vodka 1 Red Bull
2 x Cuba Libre (Havana Rum + Coke)
2 x Cocktails
3 x Corona / Sol
3 x Peroni
3 x Cusquena
3 x K'berg Pear 33cl
3 x Sambucca
3 x Jaegermeister
3 x Tequila

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Call To Arms

We're coming up to the first birthday of our parties at Twisted Pepper and we're planning a hoedown throwdown and a half to mark the occasion.

This time, we want you to help decide the theme of the night - the more ludicrous, the better. Just post your suggestion on Facebook event here and the person with the most popular idea gets to make the calls on how we party down.

Oh, and everyone make sure to veto Joey's Olsens As Soon As You Hear idea.