Sunday 20 March 2011

Say Hello To Mr Pointy

Bad news, y'all.

A gaping Hellmouth has opened under Abbey Street and, rumour has it, foul and fearsome creatures of the night are set to descend on Twisted Pepper on Saturday, March 26th from 11pm.

Come As Soon As You Hear invites you to wreak bloody havoc as we pay tribute to the residents of Sunnydale, dead and undead.

Rocking the foundations of The Bronze will be CASAYH DJs, Andy 'The Master' Bannister and a couple more TBC.

We encourage you to embrace the pseudo-gothic fashion sensibilities of Sunnydale High's Class of '99. Stakes: optional.

Fill your details in here to get free in before midnight/€5 after.

Poster by Jacqui Ferns.

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