Wednesday 11 May 2011


Greetings citizens of Ireland,

It's me, Queen Elizabeth. As you may have heard, I will soon be gracing you with my presence. First stop on my itinerary is an appearance at the Twisted Pepper on Saturday, 14th of May, and your presence is requested.

I will be laying down some badass beats on the decks, along with Duke Michael Hennessy of Tiddleshire and some lesser nobles from Come As Soon As You Hear. Also scheduled are:

Pin The Tail On The Middleton
Free Knightings
Gurning Contest (curated by Grace van Cutsem)
Arm-Wrestle The Queen And Win A Beer
& A Royal Wedding To Remember

Dress code: Crowns, gowns and sceptres. Free in before midnight if you put your name on this here guestlist:

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