Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bright Like Neon Love

On 20th of February 2010, Skins As Soon As You Hear rocked The Twisted Pepper. Hard. Details as to what exactly went down are sketchy. This much we know:

DJs Peter Fingleton (of C.U.N.T. notoriety) and Frankie Grimes provided a lethal cocktail of tunes.

Everything was ultraviolet. Or maybe that was 'ultra-violent'? No, we think it's the first one.

There are fuzzy reports of a klaxon blaring, provoking strangers to scrawl on each other with UV markers and affix stickers to each other.

Guests signed this guestlist to get in for a discounted price of €5.

Do you know what happened? If so, please let us know at We'd appreciate any information you can provide.

Find out more here.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cilla, We Cill-ute You.

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Few people realise the true impact of Cilla Black's wisdom on popular culture, but if we take a look at these excerpts from her agony aunt column (courtesy of Cosmo) from the late 90's, we can see just how influential she was.

I mean, I meant well, and it's all for the best really. And she did say some mean things (mumble mumble).
Cilla: Mmm, what did you just say? And in response to the rest; of course you did, and of course it is. But just to clarify, what did she say?

Miley: Well, I've kind of got my sights set on this guy. But he's all into abstinence, which really isn't my thing.
Cilla: Tell him you're ready to wait.

Beyonce: I like it, but what should I do with it?
Cilla: Put a ring on it.

Lady G: I want his love and I want his revenge. I just wish I could express it in some kind of romantic novel. I'm just not sure if it will be good enough.
Cilla: Bad romances are nothing to be ashamed of, ask him to help you write it.

If you wish to honor GodCilla as we do, then come on down to Twisted Blind Date in The Bernard Shaw on Valentines day, 7:30pm, for as a wise woman once said: "Slam your body down now, zig-a-zig aah"

Chop Suey

Kid Karate @ The Letter K, Bernard Shaw, 04/02/10. Full photo-set here.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


This Thursday, 4th of Februrary, 8 - 12 @ The Bernard Shaw. Full details here.