Wednesday 17 February 2010

Bright Like Neon Love

On 20th of February 2010, Skins As Soon As You Hear rocked The Twisted Pepper. Hard. Details as to what exactly went down are sketchy. This much we know:

DJs Peter Fingleton (of C.U.N.T. notoriety) and Frankie Grimes provided a lethal cocktail of tunes.

Everything was ultraviolet. Or maybe that was 'ultra-violent'? No, we think it's the first one.

There are fuzzy reports of a klaxon blaring, provoking strangers to scrawl on each other with UV markers and affix stickers to each other.

Guests signed this guestlist to get in for a discounted price of €5.

Do you know what happened? If so, please let us know at We'd appreciate any information you can provide.

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