Thursday 18 March 2010

Future's Made of Virtual Insanity

We're swapping clothes again, but this time we're stripping off on

Instruction manual for 'Chat As Soon As You Roulette':

1. Come.
2. Do a sexy dance for the benefit of those watching you on their computer screens.
3. When the klaxon sounds, 'next' your clothes by swapping 'em with someone nearby.
4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 until you...
5. Come.
6. Exeunt.

Dress code: Clothes you might never see again.

Choons: Of the bangin' variety. Served up by electro fiend Shane Kelly and pop purveyor Conor Behan (AKA Platinum Jones).

€5 before 12 if you fill your details into this here cheaplist -

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