Monday 22 March 2010

Deeper Underground

The Basement is an underground performance and rehearsal space that has been our base of operations for the past year or so and the organisers of a series of 'Scriptscribe' workshops felt it was about time we included it in our plays.

Six writers have drawn inspiration from The Basement and come up with an original 20 minute script. Some of these will eventually be performed in The Basement but, for now, we're hoping you'll come along and check out the scripts-in-progress.

This evening and tomorrow evening there will be rehearsed readings of the 20 min scripts in The Basement (Clarendon House, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2).

Come. Listen. Discuss. Wine. Whine.

[Tueday 23d @ 8pm]
Readings of work by:
John Singleton
Tim Smyth
Meadhbh Haiceid

[Wednesday 24th @8pm]
Readings of work by:
Jennifer Carroll
Louise Melinn
Joey Kavanagh

Entry: €3 (suggested)

Dramaturgy by Dan Colley and Bryan Moriarty. Facilitated by Róisín Mcgann.

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