Thursday 12 August 2010

It's Not That Common, It Doesn't Happen To Every Guy, And It Is A Big Deal

Come As Soon As You Hear are rolling back into the Bernard Shaw, sides splitting and tears rolling down our eyes. Do join us for our comedic line-up this Thursday at 8pm.

Inside, we have Shinoxcy, an all-new, all-female, all-lycra sketch comedy troupe consisting of Roxanna NicLiam, Sinead Lynch and Lucy Montague-Moffatt. They have been making each other laugh since they met at the tender age of three, so most of their sketches ar...e based on true stories.

In the beer garden, we have Valerie Ní Loinsigh, a musical, charismatic ginge with an obscure view on life and her mother. Has compared herself to 'a morbeg on acid, but without the political agenda and subliminal messages.' If you ever wanted to see what could have been had 'Annie' and the 'girl from the exorcist' been spliced together genetically, this is your chance.

Music will be provided by Anatomy's resident vamp Ev Ní Cionnaith, who will be rustling up a generous platter of indie, dub and electro for your aural delight.

Kicks off at 8pm. Thursday the 12th @ The Bernard Shaw. Completely free of charge. Pow pow.

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