Tuesday 11 May 2010

En Garde

In a mezzanine above Twisted Pepper...

Trouble was a brewing. Captain Trouble, that is, brewing her Come As Soon As You Beer, under the watchful eye of The Alchemist, Shadowcat, and Concussion. Their dastardly plan to turn the whole city of Dublin into aloof, cynical hipsters by way of poisonous elixir was well under way.

in a secret lair under Clarendon St...

Helpful Girl, with the aid of her trusty binoculars, had those wretched villains well within her sights. She, alongside Basilisk, Lockjaw and Frostbite (known as The Hyper Friends) would thwart their evil plans once and for all. Now that you have Heard, Come join them in their quest to save our city!

Your mission:

Come to The Basement @ Clarendon House at 8:30pm and bring your own beer to counteract the poison. Here you will be given your Superhero name, and kitted out in appropriate garb, if you have not already done so. Then we will ambush The Twisted Pepper at 11pm sharp, and engage in a battle to end all battles.

When you hear the klaxon, that's your chance to grab the nearest sticker labelled "POW", "ZWANG", "KNARG" "ETC", and whack it on your enemies. So villains, heed our call! You can Run As Soon As You Hear but you can't Hide As Soon As You Hear. All my single superheroes, put your hands up, and Kick Some Ass As Soon As You Hear.

Bat time: 11pm, Saturday 15th of May
Bat channel: The Mezz at Twisted Pepper
Bat price: A fiver if you put your name on this here bat-cheaplist - http://short.ie/kick

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